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We are not the biggest and we are not the cheapest either, but our customers are the most satisfied.

Therefore, call and try us for your own, individualized prices! I guarantee that after that you will also save our phone number and you will not want to travel with anyone else.
Please keep in mind that after arriving at the address for the agreed time, the first 5 minutes of waiting is free of charge. After that we charge a 200 HUF/minute waiting fee. This is so that we can arrive to others exactly on time too.
Thank you for your cooperation and trust.

1 - 5 km

7500 HUF

6 - 10 km

9000 HUF

11 - 15 km

13 500 HUF

16 - 20 km

18 000 HUF

21-25 km

22 500 HUF

26 - 30 km

26  000 HUF

above 30 km 

special price